Teamr helps you organize, communicate, and succeed

Good for businesses, teams, groups, clubs, and events

Save Time - look good while automating the tedious stuff

Makes you money - easy payment collection tools for appointments, events, donations, and an online store

Easy to use - intuitive interface that supports over 300,000 users worldwide

who can use it

Small Business
consultants, therapists, instructors, artists, hair stylists and more

sports teams, fundraising groups, corporate teams

scouts, HOAs, bands, alumni groups, networking groups


Save time
Let us do all the work! - Automatic event/appointment reminders, web-based event registration, SMS text messaging, send invoices and collect funds online

Encourage involvement
Get your group members and clients more interested with email marketing, event registration, surveys, and forums

Easy website management
Professional webpage templates with total customization and easy control of what goes on each page (no more waiting for your web guy to do it!)

Easy contact management
Full-featured, affordable CRM isn't a pipe dream any more - track activities, invoices, attendance and much more

Grow your top line
Set up a store, set and track sales goals, accept donations, and receive event and client appointment payments online automatically

Grow your bottom line
An accounting system... so you know where your money is going and why (without hiring someone to watch it)


  • Complete website design
  • Online storefront
  • Web-based calendar
  • Appointment calendar
  • Event registration
  • Contact manager w/ CRM
  • Accounting
  • Email & SMS message marketing
  • Automatic event reminders
  • Shared access
  • Surveys
  • Forum
  • Projects
  • Media

why teamr is special

  • Teamr is designed with you in mind - to support any type of group, team, event, or business
  • Focused on the business owner or team leader/organizer to give you ultimate control while automating the details
  • Great customer service
  • Secure, powerful, flexible software
  • Only Teamr combines communication, scheduling, marketing, and operations in one easy-to-use, affordable package!

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Teamr is the premier web-based management system for businesses and organizers of teams, groups, and events. Teamr provides integrated, state-of-the-art, user-friendly marketing and operational management in one convenient package. Teamr saves time while providing the tools to grow a business and organize group members and clients.

Teamr is free to use (we display some small text ads), with the Premium ($4.95/month) service unlocking most features and Premium Pro (pricing depends on the number of contacts) unlocking the rest and removing the ads.

What is Teamr?

teamr™ is web-based business, group and event management software designed for owners, managers and organizers.

teamr™ helps you manage people, schedules, communication, and payments.

teamr will save you time while energizing everyone you work with, no matter what kind of business, team or event you are managing. Watch the video to learn more or sign up now.

What's Included

What's Included with teamr

teamr is your one-stop, comprehensive team software and business solution!

teamr provides a complete, easy-to-use web-based way to manage all types of groups, teams, clubs or small businesses.

teamr is powerful, affordable, and easy to use. Subscriptions start under $5/month and include a mind-blowing array of tools.

teamr does it all for you. Click on the tabs to the left to learn more, or sign up now for your own account.

Start saving time and money today with our state-of-the-art team management software!

Managing Your Active Teams

With teamr, you can manage as many groups or teams as you would like. The Home page shows all of your groups at a glance, and includes one-click access to the many functions available.

• Create an event calendar
• Easily manage an event reminder schedule
• Set who's on your team and what role they play
• Accept payments from group members
• Host forums for your team
• Manage projects and track progress online
• Send surveys to group members
• Store files, pictures, and video
• Build and update a team website

Manage multiple teams and groups

Email/Text Message Notifications

Send unlimited email (HTML or text) and text (SMS) messages to all group members, parents, and supporters! teamr can send automated reminder messages for upcoming events or send group messages as needed. Text messages are particularly useful for alerting group members of last minute changes to times or locations.

Premium Accounts can also take advantage of our professionally-designed email templates and can create new templates.

Send emails and sms text messages to your groups

Setting up Teams

Setting up a group is the first step when using teamr. It's easy to get started, simply enter a team name, type of team and define when automatic reminders should be sent.

Easily create as many groups and teams as you would like


View your events at a glance and fill in details (including payment and registration information) all in one place.

Group leaders can manage their schedule with either daily, weekly, or monthly views. Add new events and locations with the click of a mouse. If your event happens to be in a hard-to-find spot, our Google Maps links will direct your group members with step by step instructions. No more excuses for not showing up!

Manage your calendar of events

Contacts and CRM

Import or manually enter members and then assign them to a group. Group members can be classified as "Active", "On-Call", or "Inactive", giving you flexibility in with the levels of involvement.

Group members can also have defined roles, this is useful for club-type roles (e.g., president or treasurer) or positions on a sports team.

Premium account holders can give team members shared access to work with various parts of the system. We make it easy for team members to share the load if the team leader gets busy or doesn't have time to do things like updating pictures or the schedule.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help you keep track of all interactions with each contact, including emails sent, events attended, and any notes you want to take

Invoicing lets you send out invoices to your contacts with automatic payment via PayPal

Integrated accounting lets you keep track of all your income and expenses

Manage your team members and rosters


Use the Forum just like an online message board to hold group discussions and post notices. All users can post and view messages, and those wishing to be updated on new posts can subscribe to email alerts of Forum activity.

Manage your group forum

Project Manager

Manage ongoing projects in one place. Assign tasks to team members and follow up with them. Each member of a project can contribute Project Updates which all project members can see. The project manager updates the status of the project and can set a percent-complete for easy visual reference. We also have a cool Gantt chart to help you visualize all that's going on.

Manage projects and to-do lists


Get team feedback in real time! teamr provides a powerful survey builder tool. Create surveys and choose from four different question types (e.g., multiple choice, rank order, open text) and unlimited layout options. View overall response charts, as well as detailed responses for each team member.

Send out surveys to your team


Manage your expenses and accounts in one convenient interface.

Send out invoices and get paid automatically.

Store Media for your Team

Upload documents, photos, and even audio tracks (up to 20MB, 50MB for premium accounts) in the Media section. Group members will then have access to view/download them from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Additionally, YouTube video clips can be added to the media section and from there can be displayed on the team website or the logged-in site. Once uploaded it's easy to associate media files with particular events or keep them separated in designated directories.

Store media for your teams and groups

Team Website

Each group has its own teamr website, with the option to password-protect that site. This multi-page public site has a team calendar, group membership roster, news/blog and a comments section to keep everyone informed. Customization features include the ability to choose background themes, color schemes, photos, and news articles. Best of all - the team leader controls exactly how much (or how little) information is viewable!

Premium accounts can also build a storefront to sell any products or services you would like. Accept donations, use it for fundraising, or sell promotional items - you can do it all with your own store. It's easy to use - you can set up a functional, attractive store in under 5 minutes.

Manage your own website easily

Also included is access to detailed visitor statistics.

View website visitor statistics

Managing teams and the team website is easy. If you run a business, you can control everything you want to display on our easy-to-use website builder and template system.

Payment Processing

Track who has paid their dues or fees, or collect fees online using teamr. Now it's easy to manage payments for events and annual dues, track history and know outstanding balances for all members at a glance. Simply enter amounts owed and payments made or set up teamr to accept online PayPal payments from group members, sponsors or donors. Credit card payments can also be processed through PayPal and all of the PayPal payments can be made directly from the group's teamr website.

ROI Defined

ContactsLow Monthly Fee
10,001+0.5 cents/contact

• Accept membership payments online

• Read and click tracking for emails

• Customization for emails (i.e., subject line)

• Hundreds of cool, professional templates for your emails

• SMS text messaging on demand and as event reminders

• One-Click to import and activate new members

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and activity tracking

• Integrated accounting package with direct invoicing to clients

• Share access to team management functions to trusted team members

• Storage space for files, images, and articles

• Accept sponsorship payments and sell products and services through your team website

Managing teams, events, and business is easy with Teamr!


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